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General information about Prague Prague is the capital city of the relatively small Czech Republic which lies in the heart of Europe, neighbouring with Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland. ...

Special offer:
Accommodation in apartment Ostrovni Mezonet A

Ostrovni Mezonet A
New Town
Weekly rates - (are applicable for stays more than 5 nights)
2 people/night for 116 EUR

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Welcome to our Prague accommodation reservation service. Our accommodation database and search will help you to find the best possible accommodation in Prague hotels, hostels, pensions or apartments. There is no extra charge for open EMZ file and we guarantee the same price as the hotels (rack prices). We also offer special discounts off the standard prices.

Our goal is to provide a very personal and friendly service helping you to find the best possible accommodation in Prague.

If you need any more information or help regarding Prague or the Czech Republic, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Travel pages recommends these Prague hotels and apartments

Andel?s Hotel Prague (5star5star5star5star5star hotel)

Accommodation in Andel?s Hotel Prague The interior of the hotel is designed by the famous British architects and designers Jestico + Whiles. They are known...
Price for double room: 240 EUR

ABE HOTEL (3star3star3star hotel)

Accommodation in ABE HOTEL ABE HOTEL offers accomodation in single-, double- or multiple guest rooms. In our home restaurant you can sit down for...
Price for double room: 65 EUR

U Stare skoly A (standard apartment)

Accommodation in Apartment U Stare skoly A This apartment is situated on first floor to the courtyard on a quiet street "U Stare skoly" just 5 minutes...
Price for double room: 55 EUR

Karoliny Svetle A (luxurious apartment)

Accommodation in Apartment Karoliny Svetle A The apartment is located in a very nice area within 10 minutes walking distance from all major sights of Prague. There...
Price for double room: 129 EUR

Kyselova A (studio apartment)

Accommodation in Apartment Kyselova A The apartment is located near the underground station "Ladvi" (apr. 15 minutes by undergroud to the centre of ...
Price for double room: 40 EUR

Doudova A (standard apartment)

Accommodation in Apartment Doudova A Private accomodation in a family house with garden. Close proximity to the ancient castle of Vysehrad and the Congress...
Price for double room: 44 EUR
Culture Tour

Prague State Opera

Kolin & Kutna Hora

Prague State Opera Prague State Opera is located in a beautiful building, the former New German Theatre, built in 1888. The opera has a rich artistic tradition ...

Kolin & Kutna Hora

The most beautiful medieval Central European town & castle has been put on UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage List....


ANIMATO Theatre ANIMATO came into existence in 1993. The constituent members were two theatre keener Jan Pajer and Petr Vajnera. ...


LATERNALaterna Magika counts its history since the year 1958. The first period, created by the ...